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Hi there. This company started in 2016 by developing small systems for individual clients. Since then, we have grown by developing more complex software for larger clients.

Our flagship system, Radium LIS, is a highly customizable laboratory information system which serves clients across multiple states and helps clinical laboratories access and use their data in a reliable, friendly way.

Another software we develop is QCForever, which is a Quality Control system for complex chemistry devices known as Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometers (LCMS for short). The software combines data extracted from these machines into charts that help users keep an eye on the quality of their machines.

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With a love for computers, anything is possible. There are all sorts of resources for web design these days, so why choose us?

We are Philanthropists, Artists, Hackers, and Businesspeople. Basically, we are phab. And if you like cheese, but your vegan lifestyle sometime gets in the way of indulging in that, don't worry, because we eat the literal cheese all day.

With offices in Dallas, TX, and Denver, CO, we are positioned to travel anywhere in the US for a very low price (thanks Frontier airlines). The internet is a beautiful thing which allows us to work remotely as well, so don't worry about it.

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